Help & FAQ

What are the Point of Sale limits for transactions and ATM withdrawals for debit cards per day?

  • Personal Accounts per day: ATM = $300 and Point of Sale (POS) = $800

How do I reset my password for Internet Banking?

  • To change or reset your password, please use the forgot password link after entering your user name for Online Banking. A temporary password will be sent to you by email and allow you to change your password.
  • After 3 unsuccessful attempts your account will lock out for 5 minutes. After 3 more unsuccessful attempts your account will lock out until you contact the bank. You can notify us by using “Contact Us” on our website or by calling either location at 912-534-5101 or 912-422-7400. If you have been locked out after hours please use the “Contact Us” feature on our website. A Customer Service Representative will contact you by email or by phone the following business day.

Can I have a payment taken automatically from my checking account at another bank to make a loan payment at The Peoples Bank?

Yes, and it’s very simple to do. You may come into one of our branches, request an auto draft form, complete the questions, and attach a voided check from your bank. You may also mail in a written, signed request with your cancelled check attached, and we will take care of the transfer for you.

Can I inquire about a loan on-line?

Yes. Click on Contact Us. From this menu you will choose Loans or Other Products and Services and complete the information requested. A Loan Officer will contact you to schedule an appointment and to begin your loan process.

If I don’t agree with a charge on my account or don’t recognize the reason for a charge, what is the procedure for reconciliation on my account?

Please call 912-534-5101 and ask for a Customer Service Representative or Bookkeeping to explain the charge on your account.

Can I transfer money from one account to another on-line (i.e., savings to checking or checking to loan)?

Yes. You must first sign up for Internet banking and ensure that the accounts you want access to on-line are properly listed in order for you to make on-line transfers.